Manuscripts for the special loach issue of Folia Zoologica


We have an arrangement with the editor of Folia Zoologica that offers us the possibility to produce a special issue for manuscripts concerning loaches (if enough manuscripts of suited quality will be submitted). The issue is scheduled to be published in the first half of 2011. Guest editors of the issue will be Jörg Bohlen and Petr Ráb.


If you wish to publish a paper in this issue, please prepare the manuscript according to the instructions to authors (see and submit the manuscript through the online editorial system at Please mention in the cover letter that the manuscript is submitted for the loach issue; then it will be directed to us.


The planned issue is not a strict conference proceeding. We invite all manuscript dealing with loach fishes, even if they were not presented during the International Loach Conference 2010 or not.


In order to be able to publish the issue in a fast way, we have to keep our timetable. Please be reminded that the deadline for manuscript submission is the 28. October 2010. If you need just a little longer for the preparation, please contact us.


Jörg Bohlen



We have the possibility to publish the contribution of the conference either in a Supplement issue of FOLIA ZOOLOGICA (journal's homepage) or as a collection of papers in a regular, monothematic issue of the same journal. The decision depends on the number and quality of the manuscripts that will be submitted.

FOLIA ZOOLOGICA is a peer reviewed international journal publishing papers from all fields of vertebrate zoology. In 2008, FOLIA ZOOLOGICA had an impact factor of 0.522.


Details about the instructions for the preparation of manuscripts will be available here later.

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