A look back on the conference

Dear participants of International Loach Conference 2010,

Now the meeting is over and we have sorted things back into their normal way. No big problems or catastrophes have spoiled the meeting and everything went as it was planned.


The conference had two aims: to exchange information about the ongoing research in the loach area and to bring together the researchers working with these interesting fishes. We have heard and seen very informative presentations during the conference and seen the participants in deep conversations during the breaks and altogether we have got the impression that the atmosphere was very warm and friendly. Therefore we hope that all participants have found the conference interesting and enjoyable.


During the conference, some colleagues announced that they are thinking about organising another loach conference in a few years time. We are very much pressing thumbs that this will take place.


As announced formerly, there will be a possibility to publish manuscripts about loaches in a special issue of ‘Folia Zoologica’, an established journal for vertebrate biology. Please do not forget the deadline for the sending of manuscript: 28.10.2010. Instructions for the form of the manuscript can be found here.


Milan Petrtýl has done many photographs during the conference. A selection of conference photos can be viewed here.


Thank you all for coming and making the conference nice!


Jörg Bohlen

Petr Ráb

Vendula Šlechtová





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