The conference intends to cover a broad range of topics around loach fishes, for example:

Ecology of loach fishes: all types of studies revealing insights into the 'daily survival' of loach fishes, including contributions on habitat, food, predation pressure, reproduction, functional morphology, interaction with other species, behaviour, role in food webs ...

Diversity of loach fishes: this point intends to collect contributions dealing with morphologic as well as genetic analyses of loach diversity on all taxonomic levels including hybrid fishes

Evolution of loach fishes: presenting 'stories from the past' ; e.g reconstructions of the evolution of morphologic characters, Biogeography of loaches.

Please have in mind that the conference focusses on the fishes, therefore contributions of purely physiologic, toxicologic, parasitologic or genetic focus, even when carried out on loaches as model, may find a more suited place in other conferences.


Key Note Speakers

We are very glad to announce the preliminary agreement of some leading researchers to give us key note presentations.

Dr. Maurice KOTTELAT (Cornol, Switzerland)

Dr. Heok-Hui TAN (Raffles Museum, Singapore)

Dr. Kenji SAITOH (National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Yokohama, Japan)



Thr programme will be displayed here when all contributions have been evaluated.


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